Rely on music that is 100% legal
for professional use

  •  Music

    The quality and user friendliness of our music and video systems are well known and trusted for decades.

  •  Video

    Complete your DJ-Matic system with a wide range of video clips, slide shows and animations

  •  Advertising

    Engage your clients by displaying announcements, commercials and digital menus with DJ-Matic NG

  •  Service

    Our rental subscriptions are all-inclusive. Full technical support is guaranteed, within 24 hours after your phone call, during weekends and holidays as well.

  •  Multimedia

    The DJ-Matic software is a complete multimedia-system. It enables you to display video clips, animations and slideshows.

  •  Quality

    DJ-Matic computer systems are solid and exceptionally reliable.

  •  Profit

    DJ-Matic can help you to raise your revenue by using visuals on a second screen.

  •  Internet

    Download tracks on the internet, any time, 7 days a week.


Secure the perfect atmosphere at your venue
with DJ-Matic multimedia systems


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