What is DJ-Matic?

DJ-Matic is an all-in professional solution for background music and visuals. We offer a computer rental service, combined with our in-house developed software-program DJ-Matic. The DJ-Matic software is a complete multimedia-system. It allows you to play audio tracks, show video clips, animations, photo slideshows and more. DJ-Matic even includes a user friendly tool to design your own digital announcements. In the product section, under "advertising" on the home page, you can find more information about this function. Your DJ-Matic subscription includes not only the rental price for the computer and the purchase rights for the music, but full technical service within 24 hours as well, also during weekends.

Is there a manual available?

Unfortunately, at present our manual is available only in French and Dutch. We are working on this.

Which music genres can I use?

For an overview of the available genres, please click on the link below.

List of genres

The DJ-Matic music player gives you access to a large number of playlists as well, which are compiled by our music specialists. These playlists are not included in the list below.

List of collections

How can I order music online?

There are 2 possibilities:

There is an internet connection at your firm.
In this case it is important that your DJ-Matic player is activated for online-download. After activation you will be able to download tracks on your DJ-Matic. With the new player this can be done straight away from the “record box”, with the old software this is done by using a web interface that can be found under "management".
When you use the download-function, your music library stays up-to-date and you will be able to use the most recent tracks instantly. Is there a song you cannot find on the old version of DJ-Matic? Please choose the option "management", "online download" and download the desired track. Online download gives you access to an almost limitless music database.

There is no internet connection at you firm, but you do have access at home.
In this case you visit www.dj-matic.com, you click "Shop" and register with your client number and contact data. The next working day, you will have access to a user friendly interface, which allows you to order a music compilation with your chosen user name and password. It is possible to use different parameters like: genre, title, artist etc.. Your CD will be sent within 5 working days by mail. Every year, you are entitled to 3 free request CD's.

I am using a new player. Are the different updates still important to me?

Not any more, our new software enables you to indicate easily which genres you find interesting for your business, by using the "wish list" option under "management". All our customers, who use the NG system, receive an update with all the new tracks, but only tracks of the chosen genres will be downloaded on your computer after you finished your update.

I am using the old version of the software. Which are the differences between the 5 updates?

Standard: Top 50, Pop, sing-along, Dutch, schlagers, soul, French chansons, easy listening, singer songwriter - Do people sing along in your pub, or do you prefer some pleasant background music? This update contains both an will assure you of the latest tracks from various genres.

Trendy: Top 50, modern pop, R&B , groove, disco nouveau, hip/hop, house, dance - Energetic music, compiled for a young public.

Alternative: Top 50 , alternative rock/pop, alternative dance, electro, hip/hop, house, rap - This update delivers more than only the well-known songs. Do you visit festivals regularly, or do you enjoy the latest electro-record? Then this update is exactly what you need!

Resto: Jazz, classic, instrumental, easy listening - Smooth, easy going background music for every diner, quiet pub or inn.

Lounge: Lounge, nu-jazz, chill-out, mix - This mix is the perfect fit for a trendy diner or a modern lounge.