The DJ-Matic multimedia system allows you to add video clips to your subscription. The clips are shown on a second screen in your business. With DJ-Matic you can easily compose playlists that seamlessly diverge from music and visuals to video clips and more. We help you create a professional multimedia environment for your enterprise, demanding only a few clicks of your mouse.

DJ-Matic NG Clips

DJ-Matic NG Clips

Your professional Multimedia system

Generate the authentic atmosphere for your (theme) parties with video clips. The latest version of our software provides image and sound of an unmatched quality. The interface is completely identical to the music player, which allows you to continue working with a familiar system.

DJ-Matic is very easy to handle. For example, our system provides direct downloads from our internet database, giving you the certainty of having the music files saved to your computer.

The DJ-Matic NG Clips provides the standard possibility to show slideshows and Flash-animations on your second screen.

  • Modern, user friendly software
  • Extended music library with video clips
  • Auto mix-function
  • Fully automated control panel with pitch, cues and intro-indication
  • 2 Digital players
  • Professional playlists
  • Easy search
  • Easy download
  • Digital announcements and Flash-animations
  • Newsfeeds for topical news and sports
  • Animations and slideshows
  • Jingle player
  • Agenda function
  • Starting from 1000 video clips
Screen discounts

Screen discounts

Use the advantage of a second screen at minimal co

If you sign up for a multimedia subscription we now offer an exceptional discount on high-quality LCD screens by LG.

An overview of your additional possibilities:

  • Video clips
  • Visuals
  • Photo slideshows
  • Flash-animations
  • Announcements for your products, events, venue rental...
  • For an entrepreneur like you, the perfect way to boost your turnover.