The times when entertainment had its price, are definitely over.
With our Dynaview-function you can easily apply the most effective way of advertising: point-of-sale-advertising. Our system displays your commercials without additional computers, without additional costs, thus implying an immediate raise in turnover. Use the system to display attractive animations and slideshows, or increase your income trough announcements by local entrepreneurs. Do you have any questions? We would be happy to give advice.



Your point-of-sale Advertising tool

The latest version of our program enables you to easily advertise for your products, events, venue rental, .... Click on the "Dynaview" option, and you will be able to upload a variety of visuals and display them on your second screen without effort.

Do you have an important announcement to make? Show it on your screen and it will get noticed without any doubt!
Modern, user friendly interface

  • Photo-slideshows
  • Editable Flash-animations
  • Ambiant visuals
  • Announcements
DJ-Matic DIA

DJ-Matic DIA

Digital Interactive Advertising

Do you wish to advertise on a national or local level? DJ-Matic can make it happen. Through our DIA Hotel and Catering Network, DJ-Matic pushes your commercial messages towards view screens inside the hotel and catering outlets.

To you, this means that you can adequately target your campaign, possible even on the point of sale. To the members of the DIA Hotel and Catering Network it means an interesting return of premium for their subscription. This is why DIA is a unique and effective way to boost your sales and to stimulate the awareness for your brand.

  • DJ-Matic pushes your commercials via internet on the systems
  • Locations: pubs, restaurants, party halls, sports clubs, ...
  • Timing: depending on your wishes and possibilities
  • Range of distribution: 500 outlets throughout the Benelux region