What is DJ-Matic?

DJ-Matic is an all-in professional solution for background music, karaoke and visuals. We offer a computer rental service, combined with our in-house developed software-program DJ-Matic. The DJ-Matic software is a complete multimedia-system. It allows you to play audio tracks, show video clips, animations, photo slideshows and more. DJ-Matic even includes a user friendly tool to design your own digital announcements. In the product section, under "advertising" on the home page, you can find more information about this function. Your DJ-Matic subscription includes not only the rental price for the computer and the purchase rights for the music, but full technical service within 24 hours as well, also during weekends.

Is there a manual available?

Unfortunately, at present our manual is available only in French and Dutch. We are working on this.

How can I order music?

If you cannot find a desired track in our on-line database, please request the track by sending us an e-mail: info@dj-matic.nl

How does the online update work?

All our customers receive a monthly update with all the new tracks. During the execution of the update, you can select desired tracks from the list by checking the boxes in front of them.